Andi Brooks My Top 5 Songs of 2017

It’s time to rank your favorite songs from this year!

Here’s Andi Brooks’ “My Top 5” for 2017…songs that made me feel something!

Check ’em out below, then comment with YOUR Top 5 for 2017! -Andi Brooks

5. “I Could Use A Love Song” by Maren Morris. This song is special to me because everyone needs a GOOD LOVE SONG! One that makes you cry. This one comes from a girl who is so fierce and has that voice!

4. “Greatest Love Story” by LANco. This is a song from a band that I’ve followed since day 1. Like a rap song says, “started from the bottom, now we’re here” ..they are here and killin it! They have stayed humble throughout their journey and true to their fans! Plus, I love how this song reflects the lead singers love life!

3. “All On Me” by Devin Dawson. This is a song from a new singer songwriter. He has that raspy, bluesy voice and sound. When you hear him say, you got my number you can call on me, baby put it all on me…I can listen to this on repeat!

2. “Body Like A Back Road” by Sam Hunt. This is a song from a guy who some say isn’t country. However, look at the list of songs he’s written. I like his different style when it comes to his sound. He’s not afraid to try something new. This song is a great summer song, roll those windows down and cruise down that back road!

1. “Make A Little” by Midland. This is a song from a newer country group. These guys are just straight up cool…from their sound to their look…they’re country. And this song I’ve chosen is just charming! You know, with all the troubles in the world, when they sing “there’s not enough love in the world” that’s so true, so let’s make a little!