5 Dollars In 5 Seconds

Win $5, or more, if you can answer one question in 5 seconds or less.


In addition to General Contest Rules

Jackson and Andi will select the first caller after giving the cue to call 608-321-1063. Caller will be instructed that he or she will have 5 seconds, as timed by the recorded 5-second timer used in the studio, to correctly answer one question, in full. The timer will not begin until the question has been given in its entirety.  If question is answered correctly and completely before the buzzer, contestant will win the “pot”, as valued that day before the beginning of the contest, minimum $5 value. Contestant could conceivably give an incorrect answer, and a correct answer in 5 seconds. As long as the correct answer is given before the buzzer, contestant wins. Each time that a question is not answered correctly, the pot will carry over to the next play, for which another $5 will be added. This procedure will continue until the pot is won with a correct guess.  After a correct answer, the pot value will be re-set to $5 for the next contest play.

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