Chris Stapleton: We’ve Been Saying It All Wrong

By Fletcher Keyes    @FletcherKeyes

The release of Chris Stapleton’s second album,  From A Room: Volume 1 excited me to no end back in May. I had loved his first album, Traveller, so much that I couldn’t wait for what would follow. Then, when I heard it would be Volume 1, of two volumes, that would be released only 6 months apart, I almost lost my mind.

Now, as we hear that Volume 2 will be released on December 1, I also have just learned that I (and likely you, too) have been mispronouncing the names of the albums.

Despite my shallow assumptions, the album names do not refer to some random room. What I recently learned is that both albums, recorded at the same time,  came to life inside Studio A, at RCA Studios in Nashville.

So, the “A” in both albums’ titles is a reference to Studio A, meaning that every time I have mentioned “From A Room” on the air, I’ve been saying “From Uh Room”, rather than “From Ayyy Room”.

Well, duh.

I stand corrected.

And now you can be correct too, with a story to share with someone else who loves Chris Stapleton as much as you do. But remember- it’s just uh story….not ayyyy story.

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