Better Beat Jackson 10/11/17

Mario Lopez celebrated his 43rd birthday yesterday—Saved By the Bell Trivia

1. On Saved by the Bell, Mario played A.C. Slater. What did the “A” stand for? Abraham, Albert, or Andy? A: ALbert
2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar played which character on Saved by the bell? Zack Morris, Screech, or Mr. Belding? Zack
3. What nickname did Slater (Mario Lopez) call Zack? Dude, Zack attack, or Preppy? A: Preppy
4. Who was Zack’s 1st and true love interest on Saved by the bell? A: Kelly Kapowski
5. Where did the crew hang out on Saved by the bell? The Peach Pit, The Max, or McDonalds? A: The Max