Better Beat Jackson 10/4/17


1. Tom Petty was a member of The Traveling Wilburys, but led Tom Petty and the WHAT for 40 years? A: Heartbreakers
2. Tom Petty Developed his interest in rock and roll at age 10 after meeting which superstar? Prince, Elvis Presley, or Carrie Underwood? A: Elvis
3. Which song was his highest-charting hit, peaking at number-seven? Hunting, fishing, lovin every day, Dirty Laundry, or Free Fallin’? A: Free Fallin
4. What was Tom Petty’s middle name? Dixie Chicks had a song with his middle name as part of the title? Carrie, Tom, or Early? A: Earl
5. Tom petty sings about learning how to what? Swim, dance, or Fly? A: Fly