Better Beat Jackson 9/22/17

1. This product of fall can be grown in every country around the world except Antarctica! Apples, Pumpkins, or acorns? A: Pumpkins
2. Weighing in at 350 pounds, the enormous version of this fall treat contained 12 dozen eggs as well as 36 pounds of sugar. Not to mention it took six hours to bake! World’s largest pecan pie, World’s Largest pumpkin pie, or chocolate bar? A: World’s largest Pumpkin Pie
3. There are more than 2,500 types of these fall staples grown in the United States. Apples, leaves, or candy corn? A: Apples
4. In 2016, this fall food averaged about $3.8 billion in sales. Pies, candy apples, or halloween candy A: Halloween Candy
5. This creature can catch around 1,200 insects per hour. Bat, Owl, or Ghost A: Bat