Better Beat Jackson 9/18/17

1. This child actor was the first child actor ever to get $1 million for his role in “My Girl”. Who is it? A: Macaulay Culkin
2. Christina Applegate made her breakthrough on which of these popular sitcoms? Dr. Oz, Charles in Charge, or Married with Children. A: Married with Children
3. Drew Barrymore gained fame in which of these popular movies? Jaws, E.T., or Baywatch? A: E.T
4. Alyssa Milano started out on a popular show and moved on to Melrose Place and Charmed. WHere did she start her career as Samantha and her dad was Tony Danza? Who’s The Boss,Jersey Shore, Cribs? A: Who’s the Boss
5. What is the name of the child actor who was Randy on Home Improvement? A: JTT