Better Beat Jackson 9/13/17

Happy 24th birthday to Kelsea Ballerini yesterday
1. Kelsea wrote her first song when she was how old? 10, 12, or 17? A: 12
2. Kelsea said her biggest starstruck encounter involved which singer? Beyonce, Garth Brooks, or Kelly Clarkson? A: Kelly Clarkson
3. How old was Kelsea when she moved to Nashville? 12, 15, or 21? A: 15
4.Kelsea has been opening for which Country Trio? Runaway June, Lady A, or Backstreet Boys? A: Lady A
5. Kelsea said she looks to one of her best friends for guidance..who is it? T swift, Luke Bryan, or Selena Gomez? A: T Swift