Better Beat Jackson 9/12/17

Celeb bday’s yesterday:
1. Happy belated 36th birthday to Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum…Charles has a famous sister-in-law, who is it? Katherine Heigl, Katie HOlmes, or Britney Spears? A: Katherine
2. Katherine Heigl is married to Charles Kelley’s bro who is also a Country singer. WHat’s his name? Joe, Josh, or Kelley? A: Josh
3. Katherine Heigl played a doctor on what show? Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Oz, or Oprah? A: Grey’s
4. Harry Connick Jr. turned 50 yesterday, Harry Connick Junior was a judge on which singing competition? X Factor, Total Divas, American Idol? A: Idol
5. Harry Connick Jr. starred along side Sandra Bullock in what movie? A: Hope FLoats