Better Beat Jackson 9/7/17

National Beer Lover’s Day
1. Who produces Spotted Cow? A: New Glarus
2. How many beers does New Glarus Brewing Company produce that are available year round and seasonally? 4, 6, or 15? A: 6
3. What’s the name of the brewery based in Middleton that was named In 1998, the number one Brewery in the United States in 1998? A: Capital Brewery
4. This brewery in Madison states that all of its brews are ‘fermented in sanity’, which place is this? New Glarus, Ale Asylum, or Culvers? A: Ale Asylum
5. Wisconsinite Deb Carey became the first female founder of a brewery in the United States when she launched this Brewery in 1993. Which place is it? New Glarus Brewing Company, Vintage, or Redzone? A: New Glarus Brewing Company