Better Beat Jackson 9/5/17

In celebration of Labor Day yesterday, here are some of the jobs country stars had before they hit it big.

1. Which Country singer used to wear roller skates and served at Sonic, but now sings about her Red High Heels?! A: Kellie Picker
2. This Country singer used to sell steaks door-to-door, but now gives us the perfect weather forecast, Sunny & 75. Who is it? A: Joe Nichols
3. This country singer used to work at McDonald’s, but is now out on her Soul to Soul World tour with her husband who is prob not eating at McD’s. Who is it? A: Faith Hill
4. This Country used to cleaned toilets at Arizona’s Lake Powell, but now sings about being drunk on a plane, somewhere on a beach! Who is it? A: Dierks Bentley
5. This Country singer sells a ton merch at his concert, but used to take orders at a home shopping network. WHo is it? Cole Swindell, Eric Church, or Carrie Underwood? A: Eric Church