Better Beat Jackson 8/31/17

1. Little Big Town has a song where they could go to the beach on this boat…what type of boat is it? Pontoon, speed boat, or jet ski? A: Pontoon
2. This Country singer sings about being somewhere on a beach…who is it? Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, or Carrie Underwood? A: Dierks
3. Zac brown band sings about dipping their WHAT in the water at the beach? Toes, arms, or head? A: Toes
4. This Florida-raised Country singer is at home with sand between his toes and a cold drink in his hand and he sings about it in his song Beachin. Who is this Country Singer? A: Jake Owen
5. This country singer dating Gwen Stefani sings about SOME BEACH..who is it? A: Blake Shelton