Better Beat Jackson 8/24/17

1. The verb waffle means to be indecisive, comes from a Scottish term “waff” that means what? “to yelp like a puppy, eat a ton of waffles, or pour syrup on waffles? A: Yelp like a puppy
2. How much did the world’s largest waffle weigh? A: 110 pounds
3. The most famous place to eat a waffle in the United States is where? Waffle House, pancake house, or denny’s? A: Waffle House
4. During the 18th century, when there was a shortage of breads, what were waffles commonly made with? Bananas, potatoes, or apples? A: Potatoes
5. Where did International Waffle Day originate? Chicago, Madison, or Sweden? A: Sweden