Better Beat Jackson 7/28/17

1. Noah’s Ark Waterpark is ranked what number in the US? #1, #4, or #5? #5 in the US
2. Which one is not a Waterpark at the Dells? Mt Olympus, 6 Flags, or Chula Vista Resort Waterparks? A: 6 Flags
3. Which Resort in Wisconsin Dells is home to Wisconsin’s largest indoor waterpark? Chula Vista, Hilton Head, or Kalahari Resort? A: Kalahari Resort
4. Which waterpark has the most waterslides in Wisconsin Dells? Mt. Olympus, Chula Vista, or Noah’s Ark? A: Noah’s Ark
5. Wisconsin Dells is known as what? The Waterpark Capital of the World, of Madison, or of Wisconsin? A: The Waterpark Capital of the World