Better Beat Jackson 7/27/17

1. This year the average American will eat how many hot dogs? A: 60
2. Originally, hot dogs were pork sausage links served in buns sold in Frankfurt, Germany, called what? Dogs, frankfurters, or franks? A: Frankfurters
3. Each year on the last Thursday of July, hot dog lovers across the United States top their hot dogs with delicious chili to participate in National Chili Dog Day. Also known as chili con carne or what? Chicago dog, coney dog, or Hot Dog? A: Coney Dog
4. Chili marks the the official start of which season? A: Fall
5. The Japanese also love their original hot dog varieties, and black hot dogs took over the Tokyo market in 2013. The bun and sausage are dyed with black charcoal ash, which apparently makes no difference in the flavor.