Better Beat Jackson 7/26/17

National Bagel Day Trivia:

1. The origins of the bagel have been long debated, but most historians agree started in 1610 in Chicago, Madison, or Poland. A: Poland
2. Bagels are the only bread that are WHAT before they are baked? Toasted before baked, smashed before baked, or BOILED Before baked? A: Boiled
3. What’s the most popular Bagel flavor? Plain, everything, or sesame? A: Plain
4. T or F: The hole in the middle of your bagel is no mistake…the bread was baked with a hole so vendors could slide them on to dowel rods, making it easy to transport them. A: T
5. What’s the most popular bagel topping? Butter, cream cheese, peanut butter? A: Cream Cheese