Better Beat Jackson 6/30/17

Better Beat

Cole swindell Bday

  1. What is Cole Swindell’s real name? Colden what Swindell? Gloomy, Rainey, or Darken? A: Rainey
  2. Cole Swindell sold merch for Luke Bryan when he moved to Nashville, where did they meet? At a bar, Recording Studio in Nashville, or Fraternity House? A: Frat House
  3. T or F: Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan were fellow Sigma Chi members at Georgia Tech University? A: F…Georgia Southern University
  4. Who is Cole Swindell opening up for at Summerfest next Friday night? A: Dierks Bentley
  5. Who is the Party Animal that will be opening along with Cole at Summerfest next Friday night? A: Jon Pardi