Better Beat Jackson 6/29/17

Better Beat
National days are so weird…Yesterday was International Body Piercing Day.
1. What’s the most common body part for women to pierce after ears? Nose, navel, or nipple? A: Navel
2. What’s the most common body part for men to pierce after ears? Nipple, Eyebrow, or Lip? A: Nipple
3. According to ancient Indian medicine, a pierced nose helps with pain associated with this. Arthritis, Childbirth, or Migraine? A: Childbirth
4. T or F: You can be allergic to your piercing.. A: T
5. Officially titled “Most Pierced Woman”, is out of Brazil and she holds the Guinness World Record for most permanent piercings, how many piercings total does she have? A: 462