Better Beat Jackson 6/27/17

Country Trivia Monday Better Beat
1. FGL once again will be collaborating with a non country singer, this time around it’s pop singer Bebe Rexha. Who did they work with on their recent song “God, Your Mama, and Me”? A: BSB
2. Chris lane performed on last season of the Bachelor, which Country singer performed on the Bachelorette Monday night? Dan & Shay, Russell Dickerson, or Lee Brice? A: Russell
3. Dierks Bentley was handed a new born baby at his show the other night, what was the item Keith Urban was during a show? Beer, bra, or a prosthetic leg? A: handed a prosthetic leg
4. Shania’s biggest professional regret is turning down an offer from which famous singer to produce her? Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, or Prince? A: Prince
5. Which Country Artist has Been Opening His Own Shows in Disguise as the Bolo Boys Bluegrass Band? Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, or Brett Eldredge? A: Dierks