Better Beat Jackson 6/21/17

Today is first day of Summer…Summer Trivia
1. What month is the last day of summer in? July, August, or September? A: September 20th.
2. Watermelon is one of summer’s best summer treats. T OR F….watermelons are not a fruit, but a vegetable instead. A: T They belong to the cucumber family of vegetables.
3. The first modern Olympic Games were held in the summer in 1896 where? Athens, Greece, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or Chicago IL? A: Greece
4. More of these occur during the summer than at any other time of the year. What? Snow showers, blizzards, or thunderstorms? A: Thunderstorms
5. On a hot day in Paris, the Eiffel Tower grows taller…T or F? A:T
The tower is constructed from iron and when this is warmed it expands causing the structure to grow by up to 17 cm.