Better Beat Jackson 6/6/17

National Yo-Yo Day
1. The traditional Yo-Yo is believed to be the ________ toy in known history. oldest, second oldest, or third oldest. A: 2nd
2. Which of these tricks involves catching the yo-yo on the string? rock the cradle, milk the cow, or trapeze? A:trapeze
3. What city is known as the “Yo-Yo Capital of the World”? New York, New York, Sandusky, Ohio, or Luck, Wisconsin? A: Luck
4. The first modern patent of a yo-yo was in 1866 and it was named a twirly thing, ‘whirligig’ or ball? A: whirlgig
5. Some historians believe the yo-yo was originally used as a weapon, game, or piece of art? A: weapon