Better Beat Jackson 5/25/17

National Wine Day

1. How many grapes does it take to make your average bottle of wine?    A: It takes about 2 ½ pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine.
2. True or False: red wine is made from red grapes, and white wine is made from white grapes.    A: False; red wine gets its color because the grape skins are left to ferment with the juice. To make white wine, the skins are removed before fermentation.

3. When was The corkscrew invented? 1820, 1840, or 1860?    A: 1860

4. T or F: There are about forty-nine million (49,000,000) bubbles in a bottle of Champagne.     A: T

5. How many bottles of wine can you make from one wine barrel?
100, 200, or 300?      A: 300