Better Beat Jackson 5/24/17

1. Eric Paslay visited a diabetes center in Boston Saturday to spend time with kids who have type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed at age 10. He says that people think he’s drinking alcohol when he downs a red solo cup full of what? Gatorade, orange juice or water? A: orange juice
2. Lee Brice has a new single out called Boy, and one of his friends, Country Artist announced he and his wife are having a baby boy. Who is it? Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, or Jason Aldean? A: Jason
3. Speaking of Lee Brice, t or f, he and his wife are expecting a baby Girl? A: t
4. A list of the 10 Hottest Country Women of 2017 has been released…with which Country artist in 1st place? Kelsea Ballerini, Faith Hill, or Carrie Underwood? A: Kelsea
5. Who won Top Country Song at the Billboards Sunday? Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, or Luke Bryan? A: FGL