Better Beat Jackson 5/22/17

1. Which Country Artist recently made the 2017 list of the “Hottest Country Artists Under 25.” Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, or William Michael Morgan? A: William Michael Morgan

2. Which Country Artist said he’s “I’m a hopeless romantic, he ‘s lways the First to Say “I Love You”..Brett Young, Ed Sheeran, or Justin Timberlake? A: Brett Young

3. Last week, Carrie Underwood lived her teenage dream when she performed “Happy Birthday” for some members of which Boy Band? Nsync, New Kids on the Block, or FGL? A: New Kids on the Block

4. Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren just adopted daughter Willa Gray from Africa last week and are expecting another baby on the way. T or F? A: T

5. Five years ago today. . . In 2012, who won the eleventh season of “American Idol”? PHILIP PHILIPS, Lauren Alaina, or Carrie Underwood? A: PHILIP PHILIPS