Better Beat Jackson 5/16/17

1. Jennifer Nettles will star in a limited engagement of the musical Mama Mia at the Hollywood Bowl this summer. A few years back, she portrayed Roxie Hart in which musical on Broadway? Rent, Chicago, or Hamilton? A: Chicago
2. Janet Jackson turns 51 today. Who was Janet Jackson’s partner in crime during the famous Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction”? Prince, Justin Timberlake, or Jay-Z? A: Justin
3. Actress Tori Spelling turns 44 today …what was the name of her character on Beverly Hills 90210? A: Donna Martin
4. Campbell’s Soup Company introduced one of the breakthrough grocery products of the ’60s on this date (May 16th) back in 1965. What was it? Tomato soup, Spaghetti-O’s, or pop tarts? A: Spaghetti-O’s
5. On this date In 2006, Toby Keith released his 10th album White Trash With Money..T or F? A: T