Better Beat Jackson 5/1/17

Celebs with recent Birthdays

1. Jessica Alba once starred in the revival of a classic animal TV show. Which one? Lassie, Flipper, or Everybody loves Raymond? A: Flipper

2. Jessica Alba is expert in an aquatic pursuit. Which one? surfing, synchronized swimming , or scuba diving? A: Scuba Diving

3. Which country superstar was Renee Zellweger briefly married to? Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, or Blake Shelton? A: Kenny

4. Channing Tatum got his start as a dancer in a video by which Singer? Madonna, Ricky Martin, OR Luke Bryan? A: Ricky

5. Which Channing Tatum movie used his former job as its basis? Magic Mike (He was a stripper.), 21 Jump Street, or White House Down? A: Magic Mike