Better Beat Jackson 4/24/17

Earth Day Trivia

1. T or F? Earth Day was started by a Senator from Wisconsin, who eventually won the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 1995 in recognition of his work. A: T
2. What’s the most common way people celebrate Earth Day? By recycling, followed by planting a tree, or cleaning up a local park? A: Recycling
3. Earth day has it’s own flag that features a what color background and a picture of the Earth taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft on its way to the Moon? Blue background, red, or green? A: Blue
4. The First ever Earth Day happened in which year? 1930, 1970, or 2000? A: 1970
5. Our home, Earth, is which planet from the sun? 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? A: 3rd