Better Beat Jackson 4/19/17

National Animal Cracker Day

1. They are commonly just called ˜animal crackers’, but their actual name is really what? ˜Barnum’s Animals Crackers’. Barnums Crackers, Zoo Crackers A: Barnum’s Animals Crackers
2. As of now, which animal has never found it’s way into a box of animal crackers made by Nabisco? Rabbits, bears, or elephants? A: Rabbits
3. For the cracker’s 100th anniversary, a survey was asked as to which animal shape the public would like to see added into the mix. The choices were: koala bear, penguin, walrus or cobra. Which one won? A: The koala bear
4. Studies have shown that nearly everyone eats animal crackers a certain way…do we bite the heads off their animal crackers first , last, or in 1 bite? A: Heads off 1st
5. T or F: The string on the animal cracker box wasn’t put there to carry the box around like a purse. It was brought out with a special ˜Christmas’ packaging and it was thought the string could be used to hang the boxes off your Christmas tree. A: T