Better Beat Jackson 3/24/17

1. It takes more than 4 tons of what to produce 1 ton of raisins? A: Grapes
2. Where is the Raisin Capital of the World? Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fresno, California, or Orlando, Florida? A: Fresno, California
3. I heard it through the Grapevine is sung by what fictional rhythm and blues animated musical group ? A: The California Raisins
4. T or F: Raisins are polished to make each one shine! A: T….In earlier years, Raisinets were made by hand in small mixing and polishing pans. A load of 350 pounds took approximately 90 minutes to coat and an additional 60 minutes to polish.
5. Which candy is the the second largest selling candy in United States history? Chocolate Covered Raisins, m&m’s, or licorice? A: Chocolate Covered Rasins