Better Beat Jackson 3/22/17

1. There are 2 kinds of water…salt water and what? Free water, freshwater, clear water? A: Freshwater
2. At our most recent Betty Lou Cruise which band performed their new song “Saltwater Gospel”? Parmalee, Eli Young Band, or Steve Moakler? A: Eli Young Band

3. On this day in 2013, Reba McEntire’s sitcom Malibu Country ended after only 18 episodes. Reba’s friend made a guest appearance playing her younger brother…he is a country singer and is Miranda Lamberts Ex Husband..who is he? A: Blake Shelton
4. Happy 41st bday to Reese Witherspoon…Reese won an Oscar for playing what country star?
Loretta Lynn, Carrie Underwood, or June Carter Cash? A: June Carter Cash
5. This Houston Texan turns 28 today…he was born in Waukesha and played football at UW! What is his name?! A: JJ Watt