Better Beat Jackson 3/15/17

1. 14 years ago . . . In 2003, country singer BRAD PAISLEY married actress KIMBERLY WILLIAMS. Kimberly is from what popular movie with Steve Martin as her dad? A: Father of the Bride
2. Speaking of movies…This popular Hollywood actor who played Batman in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just announced he completed treatment for alcohol abuse…who is it? A: Ben Affleck
3. Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz is 32. He played Emmett Cullen in which movies… “Twilight” movies, Harry Potter Movies, or Hunger Games? A: Twilight Movies
4. Bret Michaels is 54 today and dated which Baywatch Babe? A: Pamela Anderson
5. Happy birthday to actress Eva Longoria today..she is best known for her role on which show? Real Housewives, Desperate Housewives, Old Housewives? A: Desperate Housewives