Better Beat Jackson 3/14/17

1. Today is National Pi Day…not the food pie.. the symbol used in mathematics 3.14159…it’s also the birthday of which famous guy? Albert Einstein, Luke Bryan, or Dierks? A: Albert
2. Since it’s Pi day…which pie is going to be eaten the most in America? Apple, Cherry, or Coconut Cream? A: Apple
3. Whoever guesses closest gets the point…How many americans will eat Apple pie today? A: 36 million
4. The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards went down on Saturday night. Chris Hemsworth won for favorite movie actor..who is Chris’ brother Liam engaged to or maybe secretly got married to? A: Miley Cyrus
5. Name the Country singer who lends her voice and plays a famous country singing chicken on an episode of an animated series called “Lily’s Driftwood Bay”. Her character is named Nolene. Yes, like her classic song “Jolene”. Who is it? A: DOLLY PARTON