Better Beat Jackson 3/10/17

1. Brett Young has a popular song “Sleep Without You”, so what’s one thing he can’t sleep without? Stuffed animal, blankie from childhood, or onsie pj’s? A: Blankie
2. Rumor has it Jennifer Lopez significantly upgraded her love life. The hot new couple of New York City is Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Alex has a history of dating older women like who? Ariana Grande, Kelsea Ballerini, or Cameron Diaz? A: Cameron
3. Happy 34th birthday to Carrie Underwood today. Which season of American Idol did she win? A: 4th Season in 2005
4. The guy who is known from Walker, Texas Ranger, a martial-arts expert, and a star who shared the screen with Bruce Lee turns 77 today. Who is it? A: Chuck Norris
5. Chris Janson Borrowed which Country artists Private Jet So He Could Take Flying Lessons? Dierks, Tim McGraw, or Carrie Underwoods? A: Tim McGraw’s