Better Beat Jackson 3/8/17

1. Kat Von D turns 35 today…She is best known for her work as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality TV show, Ink, LA Ink, Kat Ink? A: LA Ink
2. She’s All That Star Freddie Prinze Jr. celebrates his 41st birthday today…Freddie Prinze Jr. is married to which Hollywood Celeb? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Selma Blair, or Sarah Michelle Gellar? A: Sarah Michelle Gellar
3. CARRIE UNDERWOOD told “People” that she got teased about her freckles at school, so she had them removed. T or F? A: True
4. The new season of “Survivor” premieres tonight…this show has been on for 17 years. The oldest person to ever win on “Survivor” was ho wold? Whoever guesses closest gets a point… A: 72 years old.
5. Julianna Hough said she would like to get back into Country Music…who did she date after she and Country Singer Chuck Wicks broke up? Chris Lane, Ryan Seacrest, or Hockey player Patrick Kane? A: Ryan Seacrest