Better Beat Jackson 3/7/17

1. Beyonce and her 5 year old daughter went to the premier of Beauty and the Beast last week in Hollywood…Beyonce’s daughter was wearing a matching green dressed that cost how much? Whoever guesses closest wins? A:$26,000
2. Recently some celebs were asked who’d they be down to have an arranged marriage with…Fuller House star D.J Tanner ( Candace Cameron) says Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, or George Clooney? A: Ryan Gosling
3. Singer Fantasia is recovering after suffering an accident that left her with second-degree burns. Fantasia rose to fame as the winner of the third season of which reality television show? Idol, The voice, or America’s Got Talent? A: American Idol in 2004.
4. Keith Urban says his latest single, “The Fighter,” is pretty much the story of the early part of his courtship with Nicole Kidman. Who is the girl singing on “The Fighter” with Keith? A: Carrie Underwood
5. Sam Hunt is gearing up for his 15 in a 30 tour…which female Country Singer is he bringing out on the road with him? Maren Morris, Lauren Alaina, or Kelsea Ballerini? A: Maren