Better Beat Jackson 2/22/17

1. JENNIFER LOPEZ was on “Ellen” and she insists that she doesn’t have a ‘thing’ for younger men…the latest rumored younger guy she apparently was dating is Justin Bieber, Drake, or Harry Styles? A: Drake
2. Jason ALdean recently said in a Live Q & A that he’s allergic to which furry friend? Cat, Snake, or fish? A: Cat
3. Kathie Lee Gifford’s cohost announced she is mom…at 52 she adopted a baby girl Haley Joy. Who is Kathie Lee’s Cohost? A: Hoda
4. Happy birthday to Drew Barrymore, who turns 42 today…she got her first job at 11 months old in what kind of commercial? Baby food, a dog food, or baby shampoo commercial? A: Dog Food
5. Who was Drew’s 2nd husband…he was an MTV Host and comedian..she dated him and then got married, but now divorced? A: Tom Green