Better Beat Jackson 2/20/17

1. Legendary basketball player Charles Barkley turns 54 today…Sir Charles was an all-star 11 times and the NBA’s MVP in 1993. He finished his career with how many points scored? Whoever guesses closest wins… A: 23,757
2. Brian Littrell of which Boy Band is 42 today…One Direction, Backstreet Boys, or Brothers Osborne? A: Backstreet Boys
3. Keith Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman revealed that she was once secretly engaged to which rocker? Lenny Kravitz, Jon Bon Jovi, or Bruce SPingsteen? A: Lenny Kravitz
4. Jake Owen and his daughter Pearl showed off their newest family member on Instagram Saturday…what pet did they recently bring into their fam? A fish, German Shepherd puppy, or kitten? A: German Shepherd puppy
5. Lee Brice and Justin Moore w/special guest William Michael Morgan extended their American Made tour and added a new opener, Brett Young to some of the shows. T or F…both Justin’s wife and Lee’s wife are pregnant. A: T