Better Beat Jackson 2/13/17

1. Jerry Springer, host of the long-running Jerry Springer Show turns 73 today…what did he do before turning into a tabloid talk show host? Priest in Cincinnati, Mayor of Cincinnati, or Baseball Coach? A: mayor of Cincinnati
2. Last night songwriter Lori McKenna picked up a Grammy Award for writing “Humble and Kind” for Tim McGraw. But that wasn’t her first Grammy. She also won a Grammy last year for writing a song that some people thought was a controversial song and it was written for Little Big Town….can you name the song? A: Girl Crush

3. JAMES CORDEN is the host of “Carpool Karaoke” and did his own little version while hosting the Grammy’s last night..which Country couple did he have in his carpool karaoke on the Grammy’s last night? Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, or Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher? A: Tim and Faith
4. Maren Morris picked up her first Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for her break-out single “My Church.” Who was her date at the show last night? Her boyfriend, mom, or sister? A: Mom

5. George and Amal Clooney have confirmed that they’re expecting twins, but one of their famous friends knew weeks ago. Which one of his friends did he tell first? Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, or Brad Pitt? A: Matt Damon