Better Beat Jackson 2/9/17

1. This actor is celebrating a bday today, he was in Thor and The Avengers and recently WAS, but no longer is in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Who is it? Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Lautner, or Jake Gyllenhaal? A: Tom Hiddleston
2. Lady Antebellum will reveal some of the nominees for the 52nd ACM Awards on Thursday next week. How many ACM Awards have they won over the years? Closest wins…A: 10 ACM Awards over the years.
3. Today is National pizza day…What’s the most popular pizza topping in America? Pepperoni, sausage, or anchovy? A: Pepperoni
4. Scott Disick has made a last attempt at winning back Kourtney Kardashian, but she shut him down. He said let’s get married, she said no. Kourtney was rumored to be having a fling with which singer? Justin Bieber, Drake, or Chris Lane? A: Justin Bieber
5. Country singers honored this singer who said “he’s “damaged” and revealed he flat-lined three times after his 2013 stroke.” Who is it? A: Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, or Kenny Rogers? A: Randy