Better Beat Jackson 2/3/17

1. Lady Gaga has been gearing up for her halftime performance at the Big Game Sunday…In 2012, one of Madonna’s halftime guests stirred controversy by flipping the bird to the crowd. Who was that? Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, or M.I.A.? A: M.I.A.
2. The halftime show in 2007 starred an artist who’s no longer with us. Do you remember who? David Bowie, Prince, OR Whitney Houston? A: Prince
3. Which team won the first BIG GAME? Green Bay Packers or Kansas City Chiefs? A: Packers
4. Which performer had a “wardrobe malfunction” during a Super Bowl halftime show? Janet Jackson
5. Who was performing with Janet Jackson when that wardrobe malfunction went down? New Kids on the Block, Justin Timberlake, or Bruno Mars? A: Justin Timberlake