Better Beat Jackson 2/2/17

1. 84 years ago . . .SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER WAS INTRODUCED. What is the dog toy called you put peanut butter in? A: Kong
2. Happy birthday to supermodel Christie Brinkley! What rocker was she once married to?
Adam Levine, Billy Joel, OR Bruce Springsteen? A: Billy Joel
3. Christie Brinkley had a minor role in which National Lampoon movie?! Animal House, Vacation, OR Christmas Vacation? A: Vacation
4. Maren Morris launches her Hero tour today…she spent last year opening up for which Country singer? Garth, Keith, or Carrie? A: Keith
5. Beyonce just announced she and her husband Jay Z are expecting twins..they already have a little girl…what is her name? Blue Ivy, Blue, or West? A: Blue Ivy