Would You Trade Your Sense of Taste….

kidI’m sick of being sick. I’ve had a cold-trans-sinus infection for almost three weeks now, and beyond the usual blech-iness, I haven’t been able to taste anything.

At all.

Cough syrup? No prob. Sucrets? Normally like sucking melted beach balls- no problem. Good food? Well, that’s a bummer.

I love to eat, and to drink, mainly because I love FLAVORS, but without being able to sense any flavor at all, I’m definitely eating less, and drinking less. And the result has been – other than me missing my flavas- that I have dropped a couple pounds. I looked at the scale this morning and thought, “hmmm…if I never get my taste back, in time, I could probably completely control my weight without really trying.”

And then I wondered, “would it be worth trading the sensation of taste for easy, life-long weight control?” Not that I could, but I might seriously consider it. Though there are many ways to control your weight, the best way is to eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities (not what restaurants serve). And I gotta say, having no taste sure takes care of portion control.

Of course I miss tasting- it’s one of my greatest pleasures in life. Likely you are the same.

But, would you trade your sense of taste for the most healthy form of life-long weight control?

-Fletcher Keyes