Better Beat Jackson 1/24/17

1. Actor and comedian Ed Helms is celebrating his 43rd birthday today… he is known for playing which character on The Hangover? Phil, Stu, or Alan? A: Stu
2. Just announced, Luke Bryan will join the the upcoming season of The Voice, who’s team is he joining? Blake Shelton’s, Adam Levine’s, or Gwen Stefani’s? A: Blake Shelton
3. Who was Blake Shelton’s mentor on last Season of The Voice? Bette Midler, Joan Jett, or Garth Brooks? A: Bette Midler
4. LUKE BRYAN posted a message to the people of his home state of Georgia affected by the recent storms. He’s planning to perform at a concert in Georgia to benefit the victims. COLE SWINDELL and PHILLIP PHILLIPS are also onboard…Phillip is from which Reality Singing Competition Show? American Idol, The Voice, or America’s Got Talent? A: He’s a Former “American Idol” champ
5. Chris Lane performed on The Bachelor last night…what song did he sing? For Her, Fix, or Dance with me? A: For Her