Better Beat Jackson 1/23/17

1. Happy birthday to Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Who was Tiffani on Saved by the Bell? Kelly, Jessi, or Lisa? A: Kelly Kapowski
2. Luke Bryan is going to perform the National Anthem at the Big Game in two weeks…who performed last year’s National Anthem? Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, or Carrie Underwood? A: Gaga
3. Lady gaga is the halftime performer at the Big Game …name one of the performers from last years half time show. A: Beyonce, Coldplay, or Bruno Mars
4. Happy Birthday to Country Singer Josh Thompson today…where in Wisconsin is Josh from? Cedarburg, Appleton, or Chippewa Falls? A: Cedarburg
5. JUSTIN MOORE said he has two “Zen places” . . .One is when he’s on his boat fishing . . . and another is where? When he’s on stage performing, when he’s in a tree hunting, or when he’s taking a bubble bath? A: when he’s in a tree hunting