Today’s Q106 Homegrown Heroes

Today’s Q106 wants to salute your Homegrown Heroes

If you know someone who has done something good in the community, and deserves to be named a Homegrown Hero, NOMINATE them below, and Today’s Q106 Morning Show Jackson and Andi will announce a Homegrown Hero every Friday morning!

Local stories of homegrown heroes

Past Homegrown Heroes:

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 7/57/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Alyson Garland-Schafer from DeForest!

Joe Hitt nominated Alyson because “Al” has many amazing qualities but above all is caring for others and putting everyone else in front of her own needs. She devoted the majority of the last two years to spend with her sister and give her sister the best of everything. Leslie enjoyed the outdoors and spending time with family and Al was the one to make sure that Leslie enjoyed every minute of her time here. Alyson is an Angel.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 5/5/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Cindy Herbst from Middleton!

Terry Gulesserian nominated Cindy bc she is the executive director at the Restoring Hope Transplant House. She is there every day and give to the people staying there a home away from home. The people there are going through a transplant. She feeds them breakfast every day. She is always there when someone needs help. I have never seen anyone give to others the way Cindy gives back to the people staying at the house.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 4/28/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Greg Mawer from Madison!

Chandra Harvey nominated Greg to be our Homegrown Hero because he is a teacher at Capitol High, Madison’s alternative school for students who face major challenges in traditional schools and often in their home lives. Greg goes the extra mile to empower & care for his students. He helps them find jobs to keep them safe, realize they CAN attend college, and believe in a future they never thought possible. He also buys food for students who arrive without it!

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 4/21/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Coley (Nicole) Kazda from Madison

Stephanie Marks nominated Coley because Coley takes time on her busy weekend to bake for her co-workers. Every week she brings in a few different types of baked goods and shares them with the office. She has a jar out next to the treats for donations. Right now she is donating to the K9 for Warriors, a great group that helps vets and shelter dogs. She has been doing this for over three and half years and has raised more than $2,500.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 4/14/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Becky Denniston from Marshall, Wi.

Roxanne Schneider nominated Becky Denniston. She is a Charter school teacher in Marshall. She helped change my teenage life direction. At 16 I had a child, but with her help and positive outlook she helped me graduate high school on time and get my CNA license before I had graduated. It has been 13 years since graduation, but I still think of her all the time and how she helped me by just being there at that time in my life.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 4/7/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Mrs. Pat McNeely from Brooklyn, Wi.

Holly Ronek nominated Pat because Pat is the 1st to help anyone that needs it. For the past 16+ yrs, Pat has taken Sharon Dallman to Madison once a week to help her shop, visit family & go to Dr. appts. following Sharon’s stroke.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 3/31/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Laurel Burns from Tomah, Wi!

McKenzy Endres nominated Laurel…she said Laurel was born with out arms. She is a single mother of 2 boys, and a college student. She does everything with her feet, even drive, with out missing a beat.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 3/24/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Jessica Fritsch from Waterloo, WI !

Wayne Fritsch nominated Jessica and said, “She is a special education teacher for the Marshall high school. She has students that come back after graduating and say they know they wouldn’t have made it without her!”


Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 3/17/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Scott Hodkiewicz of Oregon!

Daniele nominated Scott because he is a fulltime firefighter, on his days off he helps people that have car trouble on the side of the road. He also takes time out of his days to be a president of a travel softball organization.

Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 3/10/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Angie Halverson from Stoughton!

Tyna Swatek nominated Angie Halverson to be our Homegrown Hero…Tyna said, “4 years ago, my husband died from cancer. Angie was there whether planning meals for my family or taking my girls shopping. It meant the world to me as she had her own family! She deserves it!!”


Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 3/3/17

Congratulations to our Homegrown Hero this week, Dawn Foster from Portage!

Melissa Kampka nominated Dawn Foster to be our Homegrown Hero
Dawn is an amazing children’s librarian! Melissa’s two year old has cystic fibrosis and hasn’t been able to go to storytime. To make him feel included, Dawn has sent crafts home so he can still participate.


Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 2/24/17

Congrats to our Homegrown Hero this week, Tami Hajack from Lake Mills!

Kelly Jones nominated Tami. Kelly said Tami has been picking her daughter up for her after school and takes her home. It has been such a godsend to not have to worry about her. Tami does not ask for money, she does it out of kindness.


Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 2/17/17

Congrats to our Homegrown Hero this week, Natalie Kieffer from Barneveld!

JoAnn Stewart nominated Natalie Kieffer from Barneveld, Wi. Natalie is 8. She sent Birthday party invitations with a list of items that is needed for the animals of the Henry Vilas Zoo asking to bring the animals something rather than a present for her!


Today’s Q106 Homegrown Hero 2/10/17

Congrats to our Homegrown Hero this week, Bryan Egel from Orfordville!

Donna nominated Bryan. Bryan served in the Navy and so did Donna’s father, who recently passed. Bryan dressed in his uniform, watched over his casket and helped fold the flag for mom.