Better Beat Jackson 1/16/17

1. On this day in 2009, Keith Urban’s video for “Sweet Thing” debuted on a social media network. Which network ..FB, Myspace, or Twitter? A: Myspace
2. Dierks Bentley has released the video for his song Black. Who is the song named after? His daughter, dog, or wife? A: wife Cassidy
3. Billy Currington just announced his tour…when he isn’t touring what does he like to do? Go hunting, relax at his beach home, or skydive? A: Beach home
4. Jason Aldean announced his tour…Kane Brown is one of the openers, who is the other? Kelsea Ballerini, Chris Young, Or Luke Bryan? A: Chris Young
5. Dierks Bentley made good on his New Year’s lake jump …how long did he stand in the water? Whoever guesses closest wins… A: 14 minutes