Better Beat Jackson 1/12/17

1. Kyle Richards just celebrated her 48th bday! She and her sister Kim are on which Real Housewives?. Beverly Hills, New York, OR Atlanta? A: “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
2. A new list of the Top Country Dance Songs of 2016 has been released… Jon Pardi came in 1st place with his song “Head Over Boots”. Who came in 2nd? “Dance With Ya”, Drew Baldridge, Luke Bryan’s “Move” OR Thomas Rhett’s “T-Shirt” ? A: Luke Bryan’s “Move”
3. Kirstie Alley turns 66 today…what was her character’s name on the popular show Cheers? Carla, Rebecca Howe, or Diane? A: Rebecca
4. Which Country Artist recently partnered with weight loss supplement Hydroxycut? Carrie Underwood, Chris Lane, OR Luke Bryan? A: Chris Lane
5. The most recent Voice Winner, Sundance Head is going out on tour as an opener..which Voice Coach will he be joining? Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, or Alicia Keys? A: Blake Shelton