Mel’s My Top 5 of 2016

My Top 5 of anything music related won’t follow any patter, be the “biggest hit” according to the charts or be anything less or more than what I PERSONALLY love to listen to. Stuff that make me “feel”

Check out my “Top 5 of 2016

What were the Top 5 songs that made you ‘feel’ something for 2016? We’d love to know!

Thanks for sharing! ~Mel McKenzie

#5 Drunk Like You from The Cadillac Three ~ They’re just so cool! I love that they have a sound completely all their own

#4 Dierks Bently with It’s Different For Girls. I gotta be honest…. The lead single from Black, Somewhere On A Beach, didn’t do a whole lot for me personally…. BUT the second single BLEW ME AWAY! Love the way their voices sound together ~ Elle King helpin’ out

#3 Make You Mine by High Valley. Proving the saying ‘nobody harmonizes like family’ Don’t miss a chance to see these guys live! So looking forward to more from these two brothers in 2017!

#2 Miranda Lambert and Vice . She’s grown up right before our very eyes since we met her in 2004. She’s always been straight up honest with her songs. Let’s face it, she’s been through a lot. As they say ‘with great pain, comes great song writing’

#1 Sam Hunt and Make You Miss Me. I’m not even sure what exactly about this song makes me love it so much! But I sure turn it up as loud as I can when it comes on! 😉