Better Beat Jackson 12/27/16

1. Savannah Guthrie turns 45 today… she is a host on what popular TV Morning Show? A:Today show
2. Savannah received her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Arizona, but also got a degree in what? Law Enforcement, Law, OR Vet School? A: Law
3. Nick Cannon spent Christmas in the hospital due to Lupus, what other major celeb suffers from Lupus and has been hospitalized? Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, OR Selena Gomez? A: Selena Gomez
4. While Kelsea Ballerini and Kacey Musgraves celebrated getting engaged over the weekend, this Country Artist celebrated the fact that they will become parents next year. Who is it? Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert, OR Carrie Underwood? A: Ashley Monroe
5. Tim McGraw was in the kitchen last week before Christmas rolling up a big batch of what for his Christmas Eve celebration? Cookies, meatballs, or dough? A: Meatballs