Better Beat Jackson 12/12/16

1. Bob Barker, come on down! The legendary host of The Price Is Right turns 93 today…Which Adam Sandler film featured Bob Barker? The Waterboy, Jack and Jill, OR Happy Gilmore? A: Happy Gilmore
2. Who is the new host on The Price is Right? A: Drew Carey
3. Which country singer said “one of her favorite holiday favorites is sweet potato casserole”? Carrie Underwood, Justin Timberlake, OR Luke Bryan? A: Carrie Underwood
4. This Country Singer was in New York Friday to accept Billboard’s 2016 Women in Music Icon Award. Who is it? Maren Morris, Beyonce, OR Shania Twain? A: Shania
5. True or False…An Ingredient in Gingerbread Can Make You Hallucinate. True …Large amounts of nutmeg can make you hallucinate,